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This photo was taken in the foyer for Wards 26 and 27.  It shows members of the Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group, doctor and nurses after the group purchased items of equipment for the needs of the medical staff and patients

We Remember

We went into hospital with cardiac problems, and we went home with thanks to the dedicated Cardiac Surgical Unit of the Castle Hill Hospital

Our Aims and Objectives

"To offer  support to patients and their relatives/carers using our own personal experiences"

Aims and objectives

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My Story​​

To illustrate the work of this group this is a current member

Some three and a half years ago I experienced a heart attack; this came as something of a shock as I considered myself active and reasonably fit. Investigation soon showed that I would require by-pass surgery.

When seen by a consultant surgeon the medical procedures and implication were fully explained, the interview was very thorough and carried out in an informal and sympathetic manner. However, before leaving, I was asked if I would like to talk over the forthcoming operation with volunteers who had undergone heart surgery and who would be able to relay their experiences and subsequent outcomes.

This was to be my introduction to the work of the support group. The talk centred on post hospital recovery, the surgical, medical and nursing care having been fully explained by the relevant professionals. It soon became clear that their view of recovery time was very different from what I envisaged. Their advice was definitely to 'make haste slowly' on becoming active again. However, I took this on board but still wondered if they were being too cautious. 

It was only after I came home following surgery that I realised that they were right! After four months of gradual exercise I was able to reach a level of fitness sufficient to resume my interest in hill walking.

I have never forgotten the value of the advice given me by the group volunteers and in fact I decided that I would also like to give back something in return for the care and advice I had received and became a volunteer with the group'


Christmas Lunch 2014

Will I be here when the spring flowers open?

When the summer sun shines will I sit in the garden?

All those future family occasions, I want to enjoy.

Will I see my baby grandson grow into a little boy?

My heart will be stopped for four hours or more.

What if they can't restart it is a thought I can't ignore.

We can plan our lives. Work towards our goal.

But, when fate plays,his hand, then we lose control.

So it did happen to me. I will never forget it.

An amazing team of surgeons deserve the credit.

They fitted a metal valve and gave me my life back.

Now my cardio vascular system is back on track.

The dedicated nurses, their skill must be admired.

Keeping check on the tubes and monitors to which I was wired.

Anaesthetists who kept my blood flowing using machinery.

To them all I am forever grateful. I owe them my recovery.

Whatever may happen to me in the future.

It is only this of which I am sure.

Possessions are not important, nor status, nor wealth.

​All these things stand for nothing if I haven't got my health.

Linda C Sawyer

This can't be happening to me.

A significant heart murmur, referral to a specialist urgently

I listen to the doctor, I wasn't expecting this.

I hear the words in disbelief,something is seriously amiss.

This happens only to other people, she has to be mistaken.

Maybe this is just a dream and soon I will awaken.

Everyone gets out of breath. My pain is indigestion.

I have myself convinced of this. There really is no question.

Test results and symptoms increased. I have to face the truth.

They have given me the figures and the absolute proof.

​I need heart surgery, I must understand the risks. The surgeon spells it out.

If not, this condition will be fatal, without a shadow of a doubt.

So, yes. It's not a story or a drama on TV.

They are unable to give a cause, but it's definitely happened to me.

Take things easy they tell me. No more dancing or walking dogs alone.

Not only does my heart sound strange but it's sinking like a stone.

I'm the one, at night who wonders if I will see another day.

Will I watch my granddaughters in their next school play.

Who will collect them from school if I'm not there.

To enjoy their laughter. Their happiness to share.

About Us

A poem from a recent patient

This Can't Be Happening to Me

​Some  slides of the group on holiday.  We have around two holidays a year​​

I had my open heart surgery in 1989, which was a heart valve replacement. In those days there was no volunteer support group and I found it very difficult because there was no one to talk to.

In July of that year I heard of a group that had just started up and they were called the zipper club and they were established in Cambridge and the Hull group had been running a year when I joined. After two years the group decided to approach Castle Hill Hospital Trust and the outcome was that the Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group was established. 

Over the years we have supported many patients and their families. We have also raised monies which all go to wards 26 and 27, which are the wards where patients go after heart surgery. All the money goes for the comfort and well being of the patients.

I have been a volunteer since 1990 and as I have already said after having surgery it helps if you can talk to someone who knows how you are feeling after surgery. "Bet you are thinking 26 years is a long time and I must be very old!!!!! no I am not, I had my surgery when I was a lot younger.

Having open heart surgery can be very frightening, but when you can talk to someone who had gone thorough the experience and know how you are feeling it does help.  Group members have had various surgery, valve replacement, by-pass, stents and pacemaker, so if you would like a friendly chat, we are here to listen and support in anyway we can. Also there are people out in the community who have heart problems and need someone to talk to, we are here for you.

Call Today on

01482 626773

Call Us Today

01482 626773

Castle Hill Cardiac Support

You Can Speak to a Volunteer by phone

There is a dedicated phone line which you can ring.  Sorry it's an answer machine, but you only have to leave your name and telephone number, and a volunteer will ring you back

The volunteers pick up the messages each evening around 5 pm,

they will then phone you back

Please speak clearly and slowly when leaving your message so we can get all the information correctly. Phone: 01482 626773


At one of our meetings a donation was given and we purchased some equipment for the Cardiac Wards 26/27 at Castle Hill Hospital for the comfort and needs of the patients

 Cardiac Support

You Can Also Come Along To One of Our Meetings

The volunteers, with their partners and friends

hold a meeting in the Lecture Theatre at

Castle Hill Hospital at 10:15 am on the last

Thursday of each month.

(Except December)

Details of dates and times of the meetings

​You can speak to a volunteer if you have any concerns, we are here to listen and support

You can also email us