The Constitution and Rules may be amended

The group's constitution and rules may be amended at a special meeting called specially and solely for the purpose of amending the Constitution or Rules

The Rules

  1. The group administration should be run by a committee, decided by the members
  2. ​The committee should consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, and any other posts deemed appropriate by the members
  3. ​All the committee members should stand down at the AGM in May each year
  4. Any member wishing to serve on the committee should register their interest to the Chairperson before the AGM meeting in May
  5. Retiring committee members are eligible for re-election
  6. Other committee officers are not required to stand down, but may be appointed and removed by the committee as deemed appropriate
  7. A committee member may be removed from office by a unanimous vote of his/her resolution of the members
  8. The committee members are personally liable for debts of the organisation/group and for illegal acts of the organisation/group


  1. ​General resolutions require a simple majority of members present and voting at a general meeting
  2. Extraordinary resolutions require a simple majority of members voting in person, or by proxy at a meeting where a minimum of four weeks notice has been given, detailing the business to be conducted
  3. Special resolutions require​ a minimum of 75% majority of members voting in person, or by proxy at a meeting where a minimum of four weeks notice has been given detailing the business to be conducted
  4. Unless otherwise stated in the Constitution or Rules of the organisation/group all decisions require general resolution
  5. Members abstaining from voting count neither as for, or against the resolution
  6. ​In the event that the votes for and against a resolution requiring a simple majority are equal then the resolution is not passed in such cases the Chairperson may exercise a casting vote either for or against the resolution as he/she sees fit



  1. An Extraordinary/Special meeting may be called a minimum of 4 weeks written notice/phone call to all eligible members stating in detail the purpose of the meeting, and enclosing a form of proxy. All members are entitled to attend these meetings
  2. Committee meetings shall be called at the discretion of the committee members, the general members are not entitled to attend these meetings but individuals may be invited to do so
  3. Other meetings may be called as required to conduct the group events and activities. Interested members are entitled to attend
  4. All members who attend meetings have the right to speak. Only full members are allowed to vote, non members/guest are not allowed to vote
  5. Meetings are informal, but to avoid chaos the following rules shall apply

​(a)   Meetings must have an agenda, set out with the meetings business. Welcome, apologies of absence. Previous minutes. Special business,                  any other business, date, time and date and time of next meeting

​(b)   Meetings must be controlled by the Chairperson, whose duty is to allow everyone to express their thoughts, seek out opinions prevent                      arguments and bullying, pass on information and formulate resolutions to be voted on 

(c)   Members wishing to speak in the meeting should attract the Chairperson attention and wait until they are invited to speak

(d)  At the meeting someone should take notes

(e)  Whenever possible minutes should be distributed


  1. Only events sanctioned by the committee may be carried out in the name of the Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group. Members are free to organise unofficial events amongst themselves but they will not benefit from the organisation's public insurance nor have the backing of the Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group
  2. The phrase "affiliated to the British Heart Foundation" can only be sanctioned by the committee and must never be used in connection with fund raising
  3. All members are entitled to take part in approved events
  4. All events must be self-funding i.e. Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group cannot pay members costs for attending events
  5. When funds permit, some events may be subsidised at the discretion of the committee any subsidy agreed should be fair to all members
  6. All members may put forward ideas for events at a general meeting
  7. The committee may appoint officers/members to organise and control events where expedient


  1. The organisation/group shall maintain a bank account with NatWest

  2. Banking arrangements and authorised signatories may be amended by unanimous vote of all committee members

  3. Cheques must be signed by any two from the list of authorised signatories. which there are three signatories

  4. No financial commitments in the name of the Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group shall be made to anyone without the prior approval of the Chairperson,Treasurer and the rest of the committee

  5. All monies received for Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group must be handed over in full without delay to the Treasurer for banking

  6. ​All invoices for approved costs and claims for reimbursement of expenses must be handed to the Treasurer
  7. Once payment has been approved by the committee, cheques will be drawn to cover the expenses
  8. All cheques, invoices, receipts of payment and letters to be copied and the originals given to the Treasurer and copies to the Chairperson
  9. Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group does not have any overdraft or loan facilities with NatWest bank and cannot go overdrawn. Members are therefore requested to make sure funds are available before making demands of payment
  10. The organisation/group will form a fund raising committee with a view to raising funds for any appropriate source to cover the basic running costs of the Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group. Surplus funds will be used to subsidise events or make donations for equipment needed for patients on Wards 26/27 at Castle Hill Hospital, and donation to the British Heart Foundation. Other suitable charities at the discretion of the committee
  11. Any expenses for advertising, marketing, leaflets, paper and ink cartridges will be reimbursed to the person or persons involved with the purchasing must be handed to the Treasurer



  1. Full membership of the Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group is open to anyone living in Hull or Eastriding and surrounding districts who have a heart condition
  2. A full member may also register one other associate member being their partner, spouse, family member or other supporter
  3. Associate membership is also open to health professionals or anyone interested in supporting the organisation/group and aims
  4. There are no restrictions on age or abilities
  5. ​Membership is currently free of charge and we aim to keep it so
  6. It is necessary to complete a registration form to become a member or associate member,   details of which members are stored on computer file, but only with permission of the member
  7. Members who wish to participate in clinics, also have to be registered with Eastriding Hospital Trust via the Volunteer Department at the Trust
  8. After registration with the Trust, a member will have training with a member who does the clinics
  9. Members should inform a committee member of any changes in their details
  10. Members should conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at all meetings and events
  11. Only full members at meetings may vote but may be excluded if.......

       a. they display drunken or abusive behaviour to anyone

       b. they bring the organisation's name into disrepute

       c. they wilfully break the organisation's rules

       d. they do something that could cause the organisation/group to be refused affiliation to BHF and the Hospital Trust

Copyright and Liability

All material contained in the Cardiac Support web site, is covered by the following terms and conditions and protected copyright.  Access to this web site is subject to your understanding and agreement to the following:

  1. The group are former patients who have undergone open heart surgery at Castle Hill Hospital
  2. The Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group is not a fund raising organisation/group
  3. The Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group web site is solely for general information about the group
  4. The Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group have no qualifications, only their own experience having had open heart surgery at Castle Hill Hospital
  5. If medical questions are asked by a patient we inform them we do not have medical qualifications or we discuss with the patient who they would need to contact i.e their own doctor, medical consultant or a member of the medical team at Castle Hill Hospital
  6. Any members may wish to continue with exercise after they have been to rehabilitation. The rehabilitation sessions start approximately 6 weeks after the open heart surgery for around 4 to 6 weeks. After rehabilitation we would advise people to speak to the rehabilitation team and they will advise you regarding continuing with different exercise classes and other activities
  7. This web site information continues with general information only and if any inaccuracies occur there is no warranties and we would not be liable




Our Constitution, Aims, Objectives, Copyright and Liability

Call Today on

01482 626773

Call Us Today

01482 626773

Castle Hill Cardiac Support

 Cardiac Support

The group is called the Castle Hill Cardiac Support Group, but we are using the name Cardiac Support Group-Hull because it would be a very long name for a Website

The group was established in 1990 at Castle Hill Hospital Cottingham, with the approval of the NHS Trust

Our Aims and Objectives Are:

  • Provide support to patients who have had or are having open heart surgery at Castle Hill Hospital
  • Provide support and advice to patients before, and after open heart surgery, from our own experiences
  • Provide support to the patients families, loved ones and their friends
  • Continue to support patients after surgery
  • Provide support to people with heart problems, their relatives, loved ones and friends
  • Maintain contact with all health professionals at Castle Hill Hospital, and in the community at all times

Further Aims and Objectives Are:

  • Continue to support all members of the group and any people that need our help and support
  • Continue to purchase equipment for Ward 26 and Ward 27 at Castle Hill Hospital
  • ​Continue to provide activities and events




Membership is for any person's that have heart problems, having open heart surgery or have had open heart surgery

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