Directions into Castle Hill Hospital when attending the Cardioligy Outpatients Department

Go to Entrance 1,

 Continue and you will come to a roundabout, continue straight ahead to the next roundabout, then right turn and this will take you into

 the parking area of the Cardiac Outpatients

on the right, number 6on the map

 If you are unable to park in the car park of the Cardiac Outpatients you will see a parking

area nearly opposite, which is for disabled people


Also, as you approach the first roundabout there is Car Park 2 as shown on the map, which

is about the next nearest to the Cardiac Outpatients.

There are some disabled parking shown in blue on the map, with the disabled sign

There are also blue line parking for patients and visitors

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 Cardiac Support

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Castle Hill Cardiac Support

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Direction Map

Castle Hill Hospital 

Castle Road


East Yorkshire

HU16 5JQ

Castle Hospital Main Switchboard Number: 01482 875875

Our Telephone Number

If you wish to speak to someone ring the number below and leave your name and number and will we get back to you.  Speak clearly and slowly so that we can correctly write down your number and we will ring you back

Looking forward to your call

Hull 01482 626773

Information you my need to know regarding Bus Services 

 Take your normal bus into the Interchange - Hull Bus Station

 There are three choices 

  Number 64 on stand 9, this leaves the station 20 passed the hour

 Number 115 on stand number 13, this leaves the station on the hour

 and every 20 minutes

 Number 154 on stand number 8, leaves the station 5 to the hour and

 every 20 minutes

 If you are coming from Bridlington, Scarborough, York, Scunthorpe,

 Grimsby or any other area you would also get a bus into the Interchange - Hull bus station  and the information above would apply to you

 All the above buses take you into the hospital grounds.

 East Yorkshire Bus Services inquiry number is 01482 592929

Directions into Castle Hill Hospital Grounds to attend one of our meetings

Go to Entrance 2,

continue then turn right into road way 31, as mark on map and you will see

the Nightingale Restaurant, marked on map number 18

As you approach the restaurant look to your right and you will see the Lecture Theatre

 This is where we have our monthly meetings, which are on the last Thursday of each month

 starting at 10:15 am until 11:30

After the meeting some members have lunch in the Nightingale Restaurant

 Please come along, you would be made most welcome

 If you wish you can ring our phone line and leave a message to say you would like to come along

 or just turn up at the meeting.

Hull 01482 626773